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Hi! I’m Wendy, the mother of a teenage son with chronic illness.  

My son’s conditions make him somewhat of a "medical mystery." Dealing with this for many years, I have learned creative ways to find solutions, deal with daily life and how to create a little normalcy. Never giving up hope. 

If you, a child, a friend or family member experiences some form of chronic illness… then reading this blog shows you that you’re not alone. You can dig deep into yourself to find hope even when it begins to fade.

I know all too well the hurt you feel when the life pictured in your dreams has veered off course, whether temporarily or permanently and there’s no clear path to take. I’m writing this blog so that others do not feel alone in their daily struggles and continue to move forward. No matter how tough things get, we must continue to always “brew more hope” that we'll find a cure or a way to bring happiness and contentment into our lives!

Back in the day, I was a business process analyst, continuously searching for root causes and ways to improve efficiency or productivity. That was, and is, part of my DNA - to assess and problem solve. I feel that's served my efforts well as I've navigated my son's condition with him.

You may wonder about the name of my blog: Brewing More Hope. As an avid coffee drinker, taking a moment out for a single cup not only brings me a few moments of peace and reflection. Also, my parents taught me that you “never give up hope,” so that’s just what I do. Always searching. Always hoping for better.


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